A Seeding meeting was held on Tuesday 2nd May 2017 at Hardy Hall.  Captains from the following teams attended :-  The Usual Suspects, WMC X, Hardy Idiots, Henighans and New Inn Bandits.  The following seeds were decided at the meeting.

The next seeding meeting will be on Tuesday 4th July 2017.  Venue to be confirmed.


D MayohDrunken Donkeys50
P AllenDrunken Donkeys50
A DaviesHardy Idiots75
D LloydHardy Idiots75
G OwenHardy Idiots75
M BrearleyHardy Idiots75
F CouperthwaiteHardy Idiots50
P MooresHardy Idiots50
A HollHenighans 75
S BeckHenighans 75
Keith HartleyHenighans 50
L HartleyHenighans 50
R TaylorHenighans 50
S RileyHenighans 50
J OpenshawNew Inn Bandits50
M JohnsonNew Inn Bandits50
R FearnNew Inn Bandits50
Josh HamerQueen Anne B50
G WarburtonUsual Suspects75
I HaslamUsual Suspects75
J WorthingtonUsual Suspects75
P BennettUsual Suspects75
S OsborneUsual Suspects75
A DavenportUsual Suspects50