These rules only apply to the summer league

Little Lever Summer Darts League



  1. Each team consists of a minimum of five registered players, once a player has played they cannot play for any other team unless given permission by the committee. Any team playing an unregistered player will forfeit the match.
  2. The dartboard should stand five feet eight inches from the floor to the bullseye. The oche (toe line) should be seven feet nine and a quarter inches (men) and seven feet six inches (ladies) measured by a plumb line exact from the face of the board and along the floor.
  3. A score board must be provided and placed in a prominent position.
  4. The toe line must be toed and not stood upon. If a player stands forward of that line the opposing team may make a protest.
  5. Only darts sticking in the face of the board count when the score is called.
  6. The home team is responsible for a scorer, the away team throw first. Chalk board to be used unless both captains agree on using electronic score board.
  7. Players must not crowd around another player while he/she is throwing.
  8. All games to count. League tables are compiled from points and game aggregate.
  9. Strictly no gambling.  All registered players must be over the age of sixteen and have left school (often referred to as ‘out of uniform.’)
    1. The league cannot force a licensee to allow any players under the age of 18 to play in their establishment.  Therefore a team cannot claim a game because a licensee refuses entry of a minor(s). It is up to individual team captains to check with the licensee
    2. A team cannot consist solely of players under 18.
    3. All players under 18 must be supervised by their team.
  10. If a team has a protest to make about the game then both captains must be aware of this. The protest must be lodged within three days along with a £1.00 fee which will be forfeited should the protest be found to be groundless. The committee acts upon all protests.
  11. The match card to be posted by the winning team.
  12. Re-arranged games allowed with both captains agreement. If game not being played within the week then secretary must be notified.
  13. No subscriptions are to be refunded.
  14. If a team does not turn up or a game is given for any reason a technical win will be awarded. 9-0 for Ladies section matches and 11-0 for Mens section
  15. Cards to be in within seven days otherwise the game becomes null and void.
  16. Any trophies which are lost or damaged must be replaced/repaired by the responsible team.

Match Format


General Format – All Sections

  1. A draw will be made by the captains to decide the order of individual matches at 8.30pm with matches to start shortly after.
  2. All seeded/handicapped players must give a start in every game played.
  3. 1 point will be awarded for each individual leg won.  2 points for winning each team, blind pairs game or the triples game.
  4. Individual games to be played first at 501 for mens & ladies section one, ladies section two 301, with the away team to throw first then alternate throughout the match. All three legs to be played.
  5. Games can be played out of sequence if both captains agree.  Order of throw must follow the matches position in the draw.
  6. A game is over when the required double is hit, regardless whether another dart is thrown.
  7. Up to 3 players may arrive late but all 5 Individuals players drawn must be present by 9:30pm.

Ladies Section Format

  1. A Team game of 801 will be played after the individuals.
  2. Order of throw in the team game as per card (i.e as per draw )
  3. Up to 2 substitutions may be made in the team game.

Mens Section Format

  1. There will be 2 blind pairs games and 1 triples game played after the
  2. individuals.All available players must be entered in the draw for the blind pairs.
  3. A draw will be made after the individuals games to decide who plays in the Blind Pairs.
  4. The blind pairs players will be drawn by the opposing Captain.
  5. The Triples players will be hand picked by the captain of their team.