A Seeding meeting was held on Tuesday 4th July 2017 at The Woorking Mens Club.  Captains from the following teams attended :-  The Usual Suspects, WMC X, Hardy Idiots, Henighans and New Inn Bandits.  The following seeds were decided at the meeting.


D MayohDrunken Donkeys50
P AllenDrunken Donkeys50
A DaviesHardy Idiots75
D LloydHardy Idiots75
G OwenHardy Idiots75
M BrearleyHardy Idiots75
F CouperthwaiteHardy Idiots50
P MooresHardy Idiots50
A HollHenighans 75
S BeckHenighans 75
Keith HartleyHenighans 50
L HartleyHenighans 50
R TaylorHenighans 50
S RileyHenighans 50
J OpenshawNew Inn Bandits50
M JohnsonNew Inn Bandits50
R FearnNew Inn Bandits50
Josh HamerQueen Anne B50
G WarburtonUsual Suspects75
I HaslamUsual Suspects75
J WorthingtonUsual Suspects75
P BennettUsual Suspects75
S OsborneUsual Suspects75
A DavenportUsual Suspects50