Winners – Summer League Darts 2016

Mens A Section

Winners – Hardy Idiots

Runners Up – Henighans A (Dennis Berry)

Merits Winner – Keith Hartley

Highest Scorer – Mick Johnson (New Inn)

Last Six – New Inn (Openshaws)


Mens B Section

Winners – Drunken Donkeys

Runners Up – Queen Anne B

Merits Winner – D Swindells

Highest Scorer – D Mayoh, M Barlow, B Hoyle, T Beresford, T Horrocks, C Galley & M Mottram (Play Off required, date to be confirmed)

Last Six – New Inn C (M Barlow)


Ladies A Section

Winners – Jolly Ladies

Runners Up – WMC

Merits Winner – P Hartley

Highest Scorer – P Hartley

Last Six – Stopes B


Ladies B Section

Winners – Shirt Club A

Runners Up – Hardy Angels

Merits Winner – D Wood

Highest Scorer – A Brocklehurst

Last Six – Shirt Club B


Team Knockout

Ladies Winners – Shirt Club A

Ladies Runners Up – Radcliffe Snooker Club

Mens Winners – Queen Anne B

Mens Runners Up – New Inn A (T Riley)


Presentation will take place at Hardy Hall on Friday 28th October at 8pm

Congratulations to all this years winners!!!







2016 mid season seeding meeting

A Section 1 seeding meeting was held at Hardy Hall on Monday 18th July 2016

Present were representatives of 6 of the 7 teams so the meeting commenced.  After much discussion between the captains the seeding table was adjusted and the full table can be viewed here

In Summary:-

These players either had their seeding/handicap changed or were seeded.

G Owen – 0

Keith Hartley – 75

S Osbourne – 0

R Taylor – 50

F Couperthwaite – 50

A Davies – 50

M Johnson – 50

S Riley – 50

D Lloyd – 75

J Openshaw – 50

I Haslam – 50

C Hill – 0

I Davies – 0


Thank you to all the captains that attended.


The Committee





Summer Darts Presentation

Hi All,

The Summer League Darts Presentation will take place on Friday 28th October 2016.

Winners will be announced shortly.


Anne-Marie Dicker




2016 Season

Hi guys,

Fixtures will be ready for collection at Hardy Hall between 8pm-9pm on Wednesday 11th May.

New season will commence on Tuesday 17th May for ladies and Thursday 19th May for men.

Seeding Meeting for mens A Section will be on Wednesday 11th May 8pm-9pm.






2016 AGM and registration 4th May

The Summer Darts league registration and AGM will be held at Hardy Hall from 8pm on Wed 4th May.

Registration forms will be available on the night or can be Downloaded Here




Summer Darts League 2015 Winners

Men’s Section A

Winners – Henighans A

Runners Up – Hardy Idiots

Merits Winner – S Riley (Henighans A)

Highest Scorer – G Warburton (Usual Suspects)

Last Six – New Inn (Openshaws)


Men’s Section B

Winners – WMC X

Runners Up – New Inn A (T Riley)

Merits Winner – M Farrell (WMC X)

Highest Scorers – D Hickson, D Bentham, N Dugdale, M Farrell & T Cooke

Last Six – Henighans B


Ladies Section A

Winners – Stopes B

Runners Up – Queen Anne A

Merits Winner – C Beswick (Wilton Arms)

Highest Scorer – A Vining (Stopes B)

Last Six – Conservative Club B


Ladies Section B

Winners – Royal Oak Swans

Runners Up – Radcliffe Snooker Club

Merits Winner _ M Moores (Royal Oak Swans)

Highest Scorer – P Bell (Shirt Club B)

Last Six – Shirt Club B


Congratulations to all Winners, hope to see you all at the Presentation Evening on Friday 23rd October at Hardy Hall from 8pm.






Summer Darts Presentation

This years Summer Darts Presentation will be Held at Hardy Hall on Friday 23rd October 2015 from 8pm onwards.

The list of this years winners will be published as soon as possible.


The Committee.




Knockout Cup

Due to time constraints, unfortunately we have had to cancel the Knockout Cup this year.

Sorry for any disappointment this may cause.


The Committee.




Paying In Meeting

Hi Everyone,

Last Paying in Meeting is on 22nd July 2015 at Hardy Hall at 8pm

Thank You

Anne-Marie Dicker




Seeding meeting change of venue

Tonights (22nd June) seeding meeting will now be held at the Queen Anne from 8pm.  Sorry for the last minute notice.